Below are four documents that will be useful for voting in the upcoming TEXAS Division Constitutional Amendments Voting.

The following report from JACK  DYESS is a good analysis of the situation:

At the June Texas Division Reunion, 31 separate amendments will be voted upon.  All but a very few have become necessary because of the attempts of recent Texas Division Officers to interpret/misinterpret provisions of the constitution to allow them to do things never intended by the constitution.  Most of these proposed amendments were drafted in an attempt to maintain an organization guided by a constitution rather than dictates of leaders acting as if they are above the law and the constitution only applies when it suits their purposes -- a concept for which our ancestors fought against the British in the 1700s and again against the Union in the 1800s.

The constitution requires all camps to discuss each of these amendments prior to the Texas Division Reunion in which they will be considered.  That Reunion will be held June 9, 2018.  In an effort to make the discussion of the 31 proposed amendments less laborious and time-consuming, Seventh Brigade Commander, Frank Bussey (and his Chief of Staff and sometimes Commander, Becky Bussey) have drafted two documents that are attached.  Only those who have tried to wade through and understand each of these proposed amendments can appreciate how much thanks is due Frank and Becky for these simplifying documents.  I hereby take the liberty to express my genuine thanks from all of us to both of them.

One of their attached documents contains the 31 amendments; each printed on a separate page listing the proposed change, the rationale for the change, the current wording in the present constitution, and the new wording if the amendment is approved.  The second attached document provides a summary of the amendment and Frank's recommendation as to whether the amendment should be adopted or not.  I agree with all of Commander Bussey's recommendations except for the proposed amendment I submitted for Paragraph 8.4. (#14 on the list of amendments).  The proposed amendment was incorrectly worded in the Texas Division Newsletter.  I have attached the corrected proposed amendment as an additional attachment.  I recommend its approval. 

                                                                                                                                          Jack Dyess

1.  Voters Guide to the Convention Amendments - comments on the 31 proposed Constitutional Changes for 2018.

2. Special Rules of Order to be voted on at the 2018 Reunion - What you need to know about some sneaky plans by the Tyler Mafia and Holley/Bray/Mcmahon cartel.

3. A list of the 32 proposed amendments to be voted on at the June 2018 reunion

4.  Corrected  Proposed Amendment #14 which was incorrectly worded in the Texas Division Newsletter.
1.  VOTERS GUIDE TO THE TEXAS                    CONVENTION AMENDMENTS - Comments on the 31 Proposed SCV TX Div Constitutional changes for 2018 
2.  Special Rules of Order to be voted on at the 2018 Reunion - What you need to know!
3.  31 Amendments to be voted on at the Texas Division Reunion  June 2018 (also see voters guide on this webpage.)
4.  Corrected Amendment for Consideration at 2018 Texas Division Reunion # 14 PROPOSED AMENDMENT CHANGE (8.4) - replaces page 14 of 31.