Col. A.H. Belo Camp 49

 Sons of Confederate Veterans

Colonel A.H. Belo was from North Carolina, and participated in Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg. His troops were among the few to reach the stone wall. After the war, he moved to Texas, where he founded both the Galveston Herald and the Dallas Morning News. The Dallas Morning News was established in 1885 by the Galveston News as sort of a North Texas subsidiary.  The two papers were linked by 315 miles of telegraph wire and shared a network of correspondents.  They were the first two newspapers in the country to print simultaneous editions. The media empire he started now includes radio, publishing, and television. His impact on the early development of Dallas can hardly be overstated. 

Col. A.H. Belo Camp 49 is an unreconstructed camp and this website and our facebook page are our unapologetic tributes to the Colonel as we seek to bring the truth to our fellow Southrons and others in an age of political correctness and unrepentant yankee lies about our people, our culture, our heritage and our history.
                                 Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!